Car Accidents

Legal Help for Those Injured in a Car Accident in Fort Worth

A serious car accident in Fort Worth occurs everyday. Whether a person is on their way to work, school, the grocery store, or other destination their lives can be changed in an instant as a result of one mistake made by a negligent driver. When a person becomes seriously injured in a Fort Worth car accident many challenges are presented that can be extremely difficult for them to face alone. When family support is available it goes a long way in helping victims recover. However, legal help is also of high importance for injured Fort Worth car accident victims due to the complications faced by those who seek compensation for damages.

Insurance companies are notorious for refusing to pay out fair car accident injury settlements upfront. It is the job of adjusters to settle a claim in the best interest of the company they work for. Therefore, most people face an uphill battle in trying to negotiate what is fair without help from a car wreck lawyer who knows the tricks insurance adjusters use to persuade victims to settle for far less than what they are due.

This is why those who have been injured in a Fort Worth car wreck should seek legal help from an experienced Fort Worth injury attorney who will help them in the fight. When you have been involved in an accident you need:

  • Help with gathering police reports and other documents for your claim
  • A way to ensure that you will be able to obtain needed medical care without having to pay out of pocket if you don’t have insurance or another means to pay for it
  • A legal advocate on your side who will negotiate a fair settlement for damages, or fight on your behalf in court if necessary for you to receive compensation that covers the full extent of your financial losses

It is important for Fort Worth car wreck victims who have been seriously injured to obtain the right kind of legal help with they are seeking recovery for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages they have incurred from their accident. The right attorney is not only well versed in Texas personal injury law, but also has a strong record of experience in successfully handling Fort Worth car wreck claims to stand behind.

At Eberstein & Witherite, our focus is on giving injured car accident victims the full range of legal support they need for their case. We know how to handle insurance companies who attempt to shun their responsibility in compensating our clients for the suffering imposed on them by the negligent or willful actions of their insured.

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