Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyer Goes Over Proving Fault
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Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyer Goes Over Proving Fault

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03/24/2015 // 1-800 Car Wreck Fort Worth (Press Release) // (press release)
To prevail on a personal injury claim arising out of a car accident, a victim must prove that another person was “at fault,” meaning that the other person caused the accident. Here, Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyer Amy Witherite highlights the ways an injured victim can prove fault.

1. Police officer’s testimony or report. A police officer is a trained accident investigator and his testimony or accident report can be highly persuasive to jurors.
2. Independent witness’s testimony. An uninvolved bystander can provide an unbiased account of the accident. A tow-truck driver, while appearing late on the scene, may also provide independent testimony regarding the vehicles’ location and condition that could help jurors determine how the accident happened.
3. Passenger’s testimony. While a passenger may make a claim against either driver or both drivers (and thus may be biased because of his own financial interest), a passenger can provide a first-hand account of an accident.
4. Video evidence. Video evidence, such as that from red light cameras, tollway cameras, Texas Department of Transportation cameras, and police dashboard cameras, is highly persuasive because it is completely unbiased and provides an accurate depiction of an accident.
5. Circumstantial evidence. Although a personal injury victim would prefer to have direct evidence of another driver’s fault, circumstantial evidence can persuade jurors, too. For example, a victim could prove that a driver was distracted by his phone at the time of a car crash by showing that the driver sent text messages just before the car crash.
6. Victim’s testimony. A victim may testify on his own behalf and relay his story to the jury.

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