Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyers Work to Raise Awareness About Drunk Driving Dangers
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Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyers Work to Raise Awareness About Drunk Driving Dangers

By March 9, 2016News

03/10/2016 // 1-800 Car Wreck Fort Worth // (press release)

Fort Worth, TX – The Fort Worth car wreck lawyers of Witherite Law Group are seeking to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving in light of new legislation taking effect in recent months aimed at saving lives on Texas roadways. The law, which became effective in September, requires drunk driving offenders to install an ignition interlock on their vehicles if seeking the restoration of their driving privileges. The law has been applauded by a number of transportation safety advocates including MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving).

Texas Governor Abbott said after signing the legislation into law, “Ensuring the safety of those on Texas’ roadways is of utmost importance, which is why I was proud to sign this bill into law… The implementation of this law is an important step in creating a safer driving experience for all residents and visitors to the Lone Star State.”

Representative Jason Villalba, who was a strong proponent of the measure also stated that “Fatalities caused by drunk driving have claimed the lives of too many Texans, and I am hopeful we will soon see a decrease in incidents and fatalities because of the legislation we passed in the 84th Legislative Session. Together, we will save lives all across Texas.”

Recently, the Fort Worth attorneys of Witherite Law Group released two publications discussing the dangers of drunk driving and statistics on the number of people impacted across the country by this type of negligent driving behavior. In the articles “Star Speaks Out About Drunk Driving After Parents Survive ‘Horrific’ Crash” and “Do You Know How Much Drunk Driving Costs the U.S. Each Year?” the firm highlights surprising drunk driving statistics that many are unaware of.

Surprising Facts About Drunk Driving

Statistics show that Texas was the national leader in 2013 when it came to drunk driving fatalities. That year drunk driving represented nearly 40 percent of the total number of traffic deaths in the state, and Texas sees comparable numbers year after year.

The attorneys of the Fort Worth personal injury law firm say in one of their recent posts “Nationwide, approximately 290,000 people were injured in alcohol-impaired crashes. MADD says the costs in damages for these accidents amount to more than $132 billion annually. Organizations like MADD have longed worked to reduce instances of drunk driving throughout the country.

Fort Worth injury lawyer Amy Witherite has said with regards to Texas, “state to state these numbers never cease to amaze me. In the state of Texas alone over 1,000 people are killed and thousands more sustain very serious injuries each year as a result of a drunk driver.”

The attorneys of the firm have expressed the hope that in heightening awareness about drunk driving statistics, more drivers will think twice about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence. Witherite Law Group also discusses what victims of drunk driving accidents can do in the event they are seriously injured on their blog.

For more information about the Fort Worth personal injury law firm, or to read more of the drunk driving blogs, please visit Fort Worth car accident lawyer Witherite Law Group.

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