Fort Worth Wrong Way Crash Injures 4: Some Seek More Safety Measures in Texas
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Fort Worth Wrong Way Crash Injures 4: Some Seek More Safety Measures in Texas

By June 3, 2015News

06/03/2015 // 1-800 Car Wreck Fort Worth // (press release)

Fort Worth, TX – Reports say that four people were recently injured in a Fort Worth collision downtown. The victims, who were all subsequently hospitalized, survived the crash.




Source: WFAA Report “Wrong-way crash injures four in downtown Fort Worth”


“Police said four people were hospitalized early Sunday after a pickup truck going the wrong way hit a speeding car in downtown Fort Worth.”


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Reported common causes of these types of motor vehicle accidents are failing to obey traffic signs, road construction, and an inability to clearly see road signs in dimly lit areas during early morning or late night driving hours. However, intoxicated driving and driving under the influence are listed among the most common causes of wrong way crashes according to data from the Texas Department of Transportation. In a Project Summary Report on “Wrong-Way Driving on Freeways in Texas: Problems, Issues, and Countermeasures,” the department states that researchers found, “Almost 61 percent of the wrong-way drivers had some influence of alcohol and/or drugs cited by the investigating officer” in the state of Texas.


The issue has garnered media attention throughout the country, with some areas reportedly seeing a spike in these types of crashes. According to Fort Worth personal injury attorney Kris Heald of the Texas based Witherite Law Group law firm, “the issue with drunk driving and wrong way crashes is not exclusive to Texas; however, the state sees a high number of accidents of this type every year.” In fact, TxDOT statistics show that the state leads the country in the annual number of crashes involving a driver going the wrong way.


Earlier this year, an NBC 5 investigation found that in spite of a rising number of related crashes, the state of Texas has been slower to adopt measures aimed at preventing wrong-way incidents that appear to be working in other states.


Source: NBCDFW Report “Texas Slower to Adopt Wrong-Way Crash Prevention Methods Used Elsewhere”


“Despite years of detailed recommendations to prevent wrong-way crashes, an NBC 5 investigation has found the Texas Department of Transportation has yet to implement many of those safety measures on North Texas roads.


Meanwhile other states and even local toll road operators have taken steps that appear to be reducing the number of wrong-way incidents.”


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The need for the implementation of more preventative measures on the part of the agency has been emphasized by various groups. In recent years, the National Transportation Safety Board has made several recommendations for helping help curb such incidents including:


  • Freeway ramp changes

  • Improvements in pavement markings

  • Brighter colored sign posts

  • Warnings signs that are mounted closer to the ground


The problem with reducing crashes linked to intoxicated driving; however, is one that transportation safety advocates say must be addressed through initiatives that persuade drivers to modify risky behaviors. This is particular stated to be an important focal point since a majority of wrong-way crashes are caused by driver incapacitation induced by alcohol.  


Heald further states of the issue, “even with the implementation of preventative measures by the state department, there are important considerations for drivers that also must be addressed in order for there to be a significant reduction in the number of wrong-way driving accidents that occur in Texas.”


The driver of the pickup truck that was going the wrong way in the aforementioned crash was subsequently arrested for intoxicated driving in connection with the accident.


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