Motorcycle Accidents

When Motorcycle Accident Injuries Prove Fatal

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in the state of Texas according to statistics outlined by the Texas Department of Transportation. Officials say that over the course of the last decade, the number of registered owners of these vehicles has doubled. Unfortunately, this increase has also led to an increase in the number of motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities seen in the state.

When someone dies in a motorcycle accident their surviving loved ones are left to deal with many unanticipated challenges in the aftermath. These include paying significant sums for funeral costs, medical expenses, and other bills the deceased has left behind. For those who were financially dependent on their deceased family member, they are also faced with a loss in the support that sustained their livelihood, and have to figure out what to do for survival moving forward.

When faced with such challenges, families of deceased motorcycle accident victims can find support in a Texas personal injury lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accident claims. Families need space to grieve without having to deal with having to battle someone whose negligence caused their loved one’s death for restitution. By enlisting the support of an attorney grieving individuals can focus on what really matters, being there for their family.

The Fort Worth motorcycle accident attorneys of the Eberstein & Witherite law firm are available to help surviving dependents of individuals who have been injured in a motorcycle wreck in Fort Worth understand what steps they can take for financial recovery from those responsible. These may include:

  • Filing a legal claim for short and long term medical expenses – Medical expenses following a motorcycle accident are typically far too much for injured accident victims to be able to afford to pay out of pocket on their own. Without legal compensation from responsible parties in these cases, many of these bills go unpaid, leaving victims in significant debt long term.
  • Filing a legal claim for funeral costs if a loved one has died in a motorcycle crash – Funerals typically cost thousands of dollars, placing unexpected financial hardships on the surviving relatives of the deceased. Dealing with this expense can be emotionally draining, and a source of discord for families when discussions are had about who will share in the responsibility of taking care of the debt. By pursuing legal compensation from those responsible for a motorcycle accident death; however, a victim’s surviving loved ones can have the space they need to grieve and move forward without added stress of this type of financial burden.
  • Filing a legal claim for noneconomic losses – Noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship, and losses incurred from no longer being able to financially depend on a parent or other family member who was taking care of a person prior to their death, are grounds for filing a legal claim.

If your loved one was killed in a recent Fort Worth motorcycle crash, contact us by calling 1-800-CAR-WRECK to get legal help. We can also help those who have suffered serious motorcycle accident injuries get accident injury recovery. Contact our Fort Worth personal injury attorneys today for a free case review.