Woman Crashes Vehicle Into Fort Worth Home During High-Speed Chase
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Woman Crashes Vehicle Into Fort Worth Home During High-Speed Chase

By August 27, 2015News

08/27/2015 // 1-800 Car Wreck Fort Worth // (press release)

A woman who led police on a high-speed chase in Fort Worth ended up crashing her vehicle into a home during early morning hours. Media reports say the 43-year-old woman was initially spotted by police in downtown Fort Worth speeding, leading them to attempt to make a routine traffic stop. However, a chase ensued instead.

Source: Fox 4 News Report “Woman crashes car into Fort Worth home after high-speed chase”

“Officers initially saw the driver, Nolberta Vargas, speeding in downtown Fort Worth. They attempted a traffic stop, but the woman took off…The chase went on to I-30 going east and the woman ended up taking the exit for Wilbarger St…She then took a curb too fast and stuck a gate and fence before hitting three vehicles and then crashing into a house.”

To read more visit http://www.fox4news.com/story/29603963/woman-crashes-car-into-fort-worth-home-after-high-speed-chase

A family of six was reportedly asleep inside of the home at the time of the incident, but no one inside was stated to have been injured. One of the six people said that the incident was not the first time a vehicle had crashed into the house. The woman was believed to have been under the influence during the course of the events.

What Victims in Car-Home Crashes Can Do Legally?

Fort Worth car crash attorney Amy Witherite of the Witherite Law Group law firm says that although car crashes into homes and buildings are relatively rare, they occur at high enough rates in Texas for people to take notice. Witherite does not represent anyone in connection with the recent crash in Fort Worth, but has worked with clients in a range of personal injury case types. Among the most common causes of these types of crashes are:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Vehicle malfunctioning
  • Road hazards

Many people have been faced with the challenge of not knowing how to recover financial damages if their home has been damaged by a crash. Questions like what type of insurance covers this type of accident, and are home or business owners eligible to file legal claims for damages against drivers for financial recovery are at the top of the list.

Says Witherite “the last thing a person expects to occur when they are sitting at home is seeing a car plow through their window or door. It is important that individuals understand their legal options in these matters so that they are not left bearing out of pocket expenses unjustly in the aftermath.”

The Texas based attorney further points out that victims in these cases may be eligible to pursue compensation for medical expenses in the event that they sustain a physical injury, emotional distress, property destruction and other damages. These cases are complex; however, Witherite says and “it is advisable to speak with a legal expert to understand what kinds of recovery can be obtained.”

Like victims of car wrecks, individuals who have suffered damages in a car-building crash can:

  • Take pictures and gather other evidence to support a legal claim
  • File and obtain a copy of a police report
  • Keep records to document any related emotional distress or medical records for physical injuries they may have sustained
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer who has experience in these types of cases to assess their legal options.

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