Wrongful Death

How a Fort Worth Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help Families of Fatal Accident Victims

When someone has suffered the devastating loss of a loved one due to a serious accident, trying to move forward without help can be tough. Not only do many families of victims in these cases need emotional support, but also help for dealing with the unwarranted financial burden they have incurred from their loss. This type of support is something that a Fort Worth wrongful death attorney can provide.

Wrongful death is a legal term that refers to a claim that another person’s actions contributed to someone’s death. This admission can be a difficult one for those whose negligence or misconduct mistakenly lead to the death of another person, which is why many fight such allegations when presented with them in a court of law. There are tricks insurance companies also try to use to persuade victims that they owe them nothing for their loss. Families in these cases typically have numerous questions about what their options are if their loved ones have died and they are left to fight related legal battles.

Common areas of inquiry include:

  • How do I know I’ve found the best legal advocate in Fort Worth for my wrongful death claim? – Not all legal advocates show compassion for the circumstances of surviving relatives of wrongful death victims in handling their case. Because there are high emotions involved, families should feel a certain sense of comfort in who they allow to handle their wrongful death claim. We can provide information on how to tell if the attorney you have chosen is a good match for your needs.
  • What are the rights of victims under Texas wrongful death law? The laws regarding compensation in wrongful death cases are complex. The right Fort Worth wrongful death attorney will help you understand the full scope of your legal options when presented with a possible need to take legal action.
  • How can I get help from a Fort Worth wrongful death lawyer – Knowing how, when, and from whom to get legal help from for a wrongful death claim is important for families in the immediate aftermath when they have suffered a loss due to an accident.

Fort Worth wrongful death lawyers can help families in these cases overcome the challenges presented to them in trying to seek justice for their loved ones. Whether one was killed in a Fort Worth car accident, 18-wheeler accident, motorcycle accident, or other fatal accident on the road, their surviving loved ones can pursue compensation in civil court to ensure that those responsible are held accountable even if criminal charges are not filed.

The Fort Worth wrongful death attorneys here at Eberstein & Witherite have extensive legal knowledge and experience in advocating for victims of wrongful death. We provide compassionate representation for those whose loved ones were killed by someone else’s bad actions.

If you have suffered a tragic loss from an accident and would like to speak with a Fort Worth wrongful death attorney about your case, contact Eberstein & Witherite today for a free consultation.